4BP Clinic: May 13th - 17th, 2019
4BP Clinic: May 13th - 17th, 2019
4BP Clinic: May 13th - 17th, 2019
4BP Clinic: May 13th - 17th, 2019

4BP Clinic: May 13th - 17th, 2019

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Please be aware that we accrue an additional fee of 2% for anything other than direct payment. If you’d like to participate in a direct deposit payment for your ticket, please email us directly at 4bphorses@gmail.com

*GST Inclusive

FAQS: https://www.4bphorses.com/clinic-faqs/

Come join for a 4BP Clinic in 2019. This ticket reserves your spot for the exact dates it is titles: May 13th - 17th.

*IMPORTANT: If you plan to bring your own horse BE AWARE you MUST have it pre-approved via email by the team. DO NOT PAY FIRST. Send us an email to: 4bphorses@gmail.com

Why choose 4BP?

A. The tough bombproof Brumbies that require minimal upkeep

B. The gentle training

C. Unbreakable bond you develop

D. Training in a safe environment

E. Learning all you need to start owning a horse.

F. Saving the native environment

G. Saving the Brumby from death

H. Meeting and becoming a Cooee Legend.

I. Looking for a no bolt, no buck horse

J. All the above


FAQS: https://www.4bphorses.com/clinic-faqs/

Testimonials Speak for Themselves...

"Great day. Thank you for your persistence despite fear driven egos that seem to lurk have something to say but don't show up to see for themselves how these horses are started. Didn't get to thank you personally but hope to catch you again and do some learning 🤠"

"Thank you 4BP crew for an amazing day.  So many precious moments shared with you today. I can not wait  to see my horses tomorrow and share with them what you showed me today. Yes I will definitely be keeping in touch."


"Really great clinic today and Joe is passionate about what he is willing to pass on. Will be doing this and let you know how we go."


"Well what can I say. Thank you thank you, 4BP.  I was certainly touched tonight with my girl. I had a tear in my eyes and felt week in the knees. You have changed my life."


"Well you 4BP guys...
I can happily say that after attending the Mandurah clinic you have inspired a change for me and totally turned my world upside down...yessss!
I've recently quit my stressed out life, and am currently a volunteer support for a young person who has downes syndrome and suffers severely with ptsd.  
He is extremely intelligent and loves to come to my lil "farm" and has made a really beautiful connection with my 29 year old horse.  
So after doing some 4BP training with The horse, I did 4BP with with the two together...
Wouldn't ya know it - .magic happened!  
So then,  .... I persuaded a woman who is in recovery from a severe domestic violence/meth addiction situation, 7 years and who is traumatized beyond belief really, to come and 'hang out' for  the last few days with us. 
The change in her is breathtaking.💜  
Just want to say thanks from my heart for the wisdom, the sharing of 4BP
Reinstates the value of love and compassion.
How simple is it all really!   
Soooo,  I know now that I want to share this amazingly beautiful goodness and help just as many people and horses as I can and set up my little piece of the earth to do just that.  
So I've accepted a job position for the time being (yew) to raise some much needed funds and would love to apply to become a fully fledged 4BP trainer and come to a training clinic. 
So that I too can learn, share and maybe help to ease a few souls both human and equine.  
Be proud and thanks for coming to WA..."